Alice Wyche, BSc, RD

Registered Dietitian

Nutrition counselling in person or online
Initial assessment$120 1-1.5 hours
Follow up sessions$95/hour

Nutrition Counselling

Grocery store tours

Cooking Classes

Corporate Events

Group Education

Menu Planning

Recipe Development and Analysis

Craving Change™

Meet Alice 

I’m passionate about helping people create change, learn to reconnect with their body and see a new perspective of health that doesn’t include quick fixes, restriction, guilt, or a “no pain no gain” attitude. My goal is always to help clients eat in a balanced way that is both healthy and delicious.


The following insurance companies offer coverage for
Registered Dietitian services. Please contact them for details. 
  • Blue Cross
  • Chambers of Commerce Group
  • Clarica
  • Great West Life
  • Liberty Health
  • ManuLife Financial
  • Sun Life
  • Warren Shepell Employee Assistance Program
If you do not have extended health benefits or if your plan does not cover Registered Dietitian services, save your receipt for a non-refundable tax credit. In the province of British Columbia, Registered Dietitians are classified as an “Authorized Medical Practitioner”.


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